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Showing her how to take the downward dick is certain to change up her workout routine! Jai James - Home Sweet Hoe Jai James is a sexy realtor, showing off a house to a handsome potential buyer by the name of Luke Hardy.

Unfortunately, the homeowner won’t stop tailing them, making adjustments and making sure the house is in perfect selling condition.

Mr Erize said: 'The people in charge of his care told me that she woke up at night, shouting from the nightmares from the past.'But I was there ready to give Anabelle the opportunity of a better life, where she could play without pain and live worthily.' Anabelle was treated by paediatricians, dentists and neurologists in the Philippine capital of Manila, who decided she needed urgent surgery.

It became clear that Anabelle was unable to close her eyes in order to sleep, which left her constantly exhausted.

A severely disabled Filipino girl has been given a new lease of life, following years of being forced to beg on the streets after her mother sold her to a drugs gang.

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