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Of course, you could in theory find romance in the game itself, if your Level 12 Paladin happens to meet a Level 9 Dwarf Shaman, or whatever, who they like the look of.

But you don't know whether the gorgeous and implausibly-breasted Blood Elf queen you meet is really a woman, or an overweight sales executive from Redbridge called Steve, and that's the sort of misunderstanding that can put a pothole in the path of true love.

This is great practice, and you never know, you could meet someone great.

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And each of those communities have their own dating services. Not as rude as it sounds, so get your mind out of the gutter.

This is “the online dating and social networking community for country-minded, or 'muddy', people.” Or, if you like, the internet wing of the Countryside Alliance.

Maybe you could start with a method that doesn’t force you speak out loud and that will give you more time to think of responses to questions and statements.

While I don’t recommend them often, a dating site could help you learn to flirt by allowing you to respond to a girl in text, rather than speech.

The internet isn't just about Google and Facebook, you know.

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