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Based on local knowledge, such fluctuations have been variously attributed to a wide range of factors such as the expansion of cattle ranching and soybean farming, infrastructural expansion and the proliferation of paved and unpaved roads, macroeconomic shocks to the Brazilian economy and international exchange rates.

Many, if not all, of these arguments are plausible explanations for temporal variation in deforestation rates, but have to date not been subjected to rigorous statistical testing; this study investigates the potential impact of these variables on Brazilian tropical deforestation over the period 1990–2005.

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The current effort took advantage of the dataset gathered by the National Network of Insecticide Resistance Monitoring (Mo Re NAa) in Ae.

2014), but no comprehensive dataset is currently available and no area-wide description of the phenomenon of temephos resistance and its spread has been attempted despite the strategic importance of such information in guiding control policies, protocols and decision-making by Brazilian health officials.

Tropical deforestation is one of the most important components of global change.

Rates of deforestation in Brazil, the nation with the single largest concentration of tropical forest on Earth, have fluctuated widely over the last twenty years.

When analysed at the basin-wide scale, nearly all variables were highly inter-correlated through time and were also closely correlated with deforestation rate, but appropriate time-series analysis found no statistical evidence that any of the variables have systematically caused variation in deforestation rates.

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