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Then, on Thursday, police found a newborn baby girl in the very same apartment building and arrested two people suspected of kidnapping La Fontaine-Greywind and the baby, and perhaps much worse. Matheny hasn’t been allowed to see the baby girl believed to belong to him and his girlfriend. The baby remains at Sanford Children’s Hospital and in the custody of Cass County Social Services. Police didn’t collect DNA evidence from Matheny right away, perhaps because the couple is not married. The apartment is across Mc Kinley Park from the building where the Greywind family lives and the woman disappeared.

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“I was the first one to say ‘I love you,’” he says. Matheny and La Fontaine-Greywind’s relationship has remained strong despite it all.

“All I wanted was a life with Savanna and my baby,” he says.

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They took three cotton swabs worth of DNA from the inside of his mouth. This whole thing is taking too long.” Matheny and La Fontaine-Greywind were scheduled to move into an apartment together in north Fargo on Friday, Sept. He was helping with construction on his father’s house, “trying to get money for the baby.” He has been applying for jobs in Fargo in anticipation of his move.

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