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Do you hold annual or semi-annual parent teacher conferences?

Many states mandate them, however, whether or not your state or province mandates parent-teacher conferences, I highly recommend that you hold them at least annually!

This is a time to discuss a specific issue in depth.

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I am commited to providing you, the preschool teacher, with everything you need to develop preschool lesson plans and preschool activities for your classroom all in one place!

This is where I sit down with my principal and go over what she saw when she came into my class and observed me as I gave a lesson.

For those of you new to teaching or preparing to become a teacher, you’re going to have to deal with the official evaluations.

These are what administrators use to either recommend that you continue working at that school or to document why you won’t be asked to return next year.

There is no need to throw them to the sharks, though, once they have completed their English study program.

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