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The elder of the Sheikah tribe, in her youth one hundred years ago, Impa was an adviser to the royal court of Hyrule.

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An archer and bow craftsman, he and Teba had teamed up with several other Rito warriors in an unsuccessful attack on Vah Medoh.

He and Teba were the only survivors, and he had to bow out of a second attack due to an arm injury.

Impa's elder sister, a magitek researcher dedicated to reawakening the ancient technology of the Sheikah.

Despite being chronologically older than Impa, a reverse-aging experiment has left her with the body of a little girl. On his time off, he also tends to a flock of Cuccos and has become so obsessed with that it led to an estrangement with his wife and owner of the Curious Quiver, Rola.

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