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When you build your existence on another person and effectively have the sun rising and setting on them, it creates an unhealthy balance and puts a huge amount of pressure on the relationship and the other person because you have no personal security.

Men feel attraction, act on the attraction, but don’t determine whether they like you as a person or are emotionally ready for a relationship until AFTER. What’s not common is the amount of psychological abuse you seem to be willing to put yourself through in order to win back this douchecanoe.

He’s done NOTHING to earn your loyalty and EVERYTHING to hurt you. That is, I would be angry if anger were the emotion I was feeling in this hypothetical game.

The types of people that need you to have little or no boundaries and values in order to be with them assume that if you’re still there, that you are OK with doing things on their terms – see my post on terms and conditions in relationships.

This is another example though of someone projecting their vision of things and assuming that the other person is on board – in this instance, the solo thinker, because they can’t see past their own nose, thinks that stuff they do in their interests is in your interests, because By the same token though, you can be an individual with boundaries and values within the team – it’s called ‘sense of self’.

A week ago a friend of his told him that he had chatted me up and that I had somehow responded. ” How it works is that I give you a choice of the emotions I could possibly be feeling after reading your question and you guess which one is the most accurate one. Anger – Because you need a dating coach to tell you what is patently obvious. Good men call you regularly to make plans because they’re excited about you.

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