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The number of coeds misusing Adderall has reached epidemic proportions — and not just in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

By senior year, nearly two-thirds of college students are offered Adderall or other study drugs, and nearly one-third have accepted, according to a study in the .

My story is about not only Adderall addiction but also addiction to achievement. I would have good grades, a clean room, and a flat stomach, and I wouldn't burn out.

") yield comforting results: I am (probably) just having a panic attack.

While I am pretty sure death awaits me, extensive Google searches ("80 mg Adderall"; "heart racing"; "am I dying?

The pills are a kind of university currency, sometimes selling for as much as $25 each or as part of a barter system: "I'll trade you my Addy for that handle of vodka." The habit doesn't necessarily stop after you earn a diploma.

"It seems unlikely that students who abused stimulants in school to perform better would stop using them once they enter a competitive workforce," notes Anjan Chatterjee, MD, the chair of neurology at Pennsylvania Hospital.

I was sick of taking the bus to get my fix and only having enough to get through certain assignments. One October morning, I dialed the number for Harvard University Health Services.

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