College dating to marriage

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The strife of this world doesn’t go away when you get married, it just changes.

Sure you stop worrying about how you’re going to find a new housemate since your old one is moving out, but instead you start worrying about if moving your whole family across the country for a new job is really a good idea.3.

It’s the world that has fed us a line and straightening out that mess together takes a lot of vulnerability.

Working through past baggage and human frailty is never easy, but if spouses are willing to truly love each other and commit to struggling through the issues, instead of trying to avoid them, with the grace of God a little glimpse of heaven on earth can be possible. And if you should chose to take it, be willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of it.--Are you tired of today's toxic dating culture?

Your marriage will sanctify you, challenge you, and force you to become a better person, and nothing on that list is easy.

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