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Few studies have examined age differences in dating self-presentations (e.g., Alterovitz & Mendelsohn, 2009; 2013; Mc Williams & Barrett, 2014) and have relied on content analysis and qualitative analysis.

A systematic quantitative analysis of the language adults use in dating profiles may further illuminate motivations to date at different ages.

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In contrast, generativity concerns are heightened in midlife and later life, with a focus on the needs of the next generation (An & Cooney, 2006).

Moreover, as they age, adults concentrate on connections to family, viewing themselves in a communal context (Fingerman, 2001).

Based on the structure of adulthood, young adults’ self-presentations may focus on life tasks aimed at gaining a foothold in adult roles, pursuing future achievements, and investing in potential procreation (and sexuality).

In contrast, in late life, individuals may seek romantic partners who can become a part of their established social world.

We also examined gender differences in these patterns.

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